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Throughout California, school districts work with their partners in City and County agencies, and even directly with developers to benefit the children in their community. Schools need to receive the same consideration as other community infrastructure like police, fire, water, and electricity so that all our kids continue to receive quality education and opportunities.

Miller Creek School District supports new housing, because new housing benefits families, students, and our employees. But when new housing is developed, the schools need a seat at the table to make sure there is a plan to address the impacts and increased costs they take on.

Miller Creek School District supports new housing to allow more families to live in our community and more school employees to live where they work.

To continue offering the highest quality education and services to our students, however, we need the same support as other critical infrastructure. It’s important for everyone in the community who depends on schools to work together to insure resources are available and facilities ready to receive new enrollment from new homes.

Development Impact Committee

District Development impact Committee


A committee to advise on potential development within the District boundaries. The committee members are appointed by the Superintendent.  The committee process promotes transparency and allows the community to provide input into the process and recommendations to staff.

Current and future development

Map of Development
Map of Development


Committee Member


 Becky Rosales, Superintendent

 Miller Creek School District

 Brad Honsberger, Board Member

 Miller Creek School District

 Marie Henrio, Chief Business Official  Miller Creek School District

 Jim Hogeboom, Superintendent

 San Rafael City Schools

 Bob Marcucci, Assistant Sup. of Business   Services

 San Rafael City Schools

 Gina Daly, Board Member

 San Rafael City Schools

 Ginny Pheatt

 Community Member

 Mark Schott

 Community Member

 Mitigation Consultants & Legal Team

 King Consulting & DWK

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In order to be able to support Miller Creek in their mitigation efforts, attendance at Public Agencies Meetings is helpful.  Please see link to Calendar of Events for All Agencies.


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