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Middle School Curriculum Adoption
Posted 10/21/21

October 22, 2021


Dear Miller Creek Families,


Miller Creek Middle School has been engaged in a History/Social Studies (HSS) adoption process to acquire new instructional materials. Teachers from each grade level are participating in a screening and pilot process to gather information about and experience with standards-aligned instructional materials from various publishers.


Choosing new instructional materials is a critical task and there are several considerations that must be made. Some of the guiding statements from the California History and Social Studies Adoption Toolkit that our team is using during the adoption process include:


The History-Social Science Themes are evident: Content, Inquiry, Literacy, Citizenship

History-Social Science Key Disciplines are evident: History, Geography, Civics, Economics

Materials encourage students to examine topics and themes from a variety of perspectives

Research and inquiry to develop knowledge is included (e.g., conceptual themes, essential questions, or short projects)

Evidence of support for teaching diverse learners including ELS, advanced, and students reading below grade level

Materials enhance student knowledge of language and their ability to use content vocabulary purposefully when speaking and when writing

Materials support the concept that history is a constructed narrative that continuously evolves as new sources of information are revealed or reinterpreted 

The use of literature and art accurately portray the cultural and racial diversity of society

Materials guide students to reflect on their individual responsibility and behavior as informed citizens


Two publishers have been selected for a more rigorous exploration which includes conducting a classroom pilot. A pilot means that teachers use the materials directly with students for an identified unit of study to interact with the resources in a more authentic way.


As we continue to narrow our search, we want to ensure that families have a chance to preview the instructional materials that are under consideration. Some things to keep in mind when previewing the materials:


  • California has one of the most rigorous screening processes for the History frameworks and adoption. The State Framework was updated in 2017.

  • The California Department of Education approves publishers for consideration by districts which ensures that instructional materials are aligned with State standards.

Families may preview the materials being piloted by using the online information below.

Curriculum: CA Impact by McGraw-Hill

Step 1:

Watch overview video: CA Impact Parent Overview Video (11:23)

Step 2:

Visit here:

Step 3:

Username: Studentcass

Password: MHEreview


Curriculum: National Geographic

Use the following links:

Grade 6:

Grade 7:



If you prefer to preview materials in person, please contact Miller Creek Middle School librarian Molly Gould at to arrange a time to access the materials in the school library. Materials will be available in the library after November 1st.


The Miller Creek Middle School Site Council will have a presentation of materials during their meeting on January 31st at 3:15pm in room M3. The meeting is open to families that want to hear directly from teachers and participate in a discussion about the pending recommendation for adoption. A recommendation for adoption will be made to the Board of Education in early 2022.


We are excited and eager to bring updated History/Social Studies materials to our middle school classrooms.


Thank you,


Kristy Treewater | Assistant Superintendent, Miller Creek School District 

Tenisha Tate | Principal, Miller Creek Middle School